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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Very Smart Activity

     This last weekend was full of busyness. Leanne and Chloe had friends over for a better part of Saturday while I baked most of the day. I drove to Old Town in the late afternoon to pick up Elena and Camille who were helping their aunt out at a Christmas tea her dance studio was hosting.We then went to Stats for a while. Tim and I went out later for a date and some Christmas shopping. The following day at church most of us went to both services and served in the second service. We were at church from 9 am to 1 pm. Then, we came home and scurried about getting our house and food ready for Tim's family birthday party/Christmas get together. I made  labor-intensive enchiladas with beans, rice, and taco sald (Tim's request). The food was delicious, however, if I don't say so myself.
     The next day I simply collapsed. After spending time reading to my little girls to reconnect with them, I dozed off for just a short nap near the girls. This way I could keep an eye on them and not fall too deeply asleep; Julia and I had a speech therapy appointment in about an hour.
   I was trying to get to bed a little early that night. No go. Christmas shopping and just "stuff" kept me up later than I had hoped. I dragged around for another day or so. And now a new weekend is upon me. This weekend guarantees to be super busy, too. Lots of friends and family, though. All good, all fun, so worth all the effort. Monday morning will probably find me dozing on the couch again.....

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