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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Project: "Snuggly Quilt" Times Four

     I had noticed how much my girls like to snuggle with warm, cozy, soft blankets. My older girls were getting special blankets they had requested for Christmas, so I decided to make my four younger girls blankets, too. I had some coupons to Joann's Fabric Store, so off I went one morning with Julia in tow. I returned later that evening with Leanne, Chloe, and Daisy to let them pick out the flannel backing for their tie quilt. When I arrived home, this is what my coffee table looked like when I had washed all the blanket material. I was good to go!

     I was finally able to start working on the quilts Christmas night. My goal was to have all four quilts done by New Year's Eve as a gift to my younger girls. Each quilt took about 8 hours of time and cost about $15-18 each. I did get them all done by noon of New Years Day and was pleased with the results.
      Judge for yourselves....

     As I was putting these quilts together, some prayer impressions came to mind. I began to pray for my girls and it was amazing what distinct impressions came to mind as I prayed for each of them. 
Leanne's quilt
      As I was making them comforters: Lord, I pray that they would know the comfort of your Holy Spirit throughout their lives. I pray that in those rough seasons they would cling to you and feel and know your comfort. I also pray that they would be skilled and sensitive in the much-needed grace of giving comfort to others.
Chloe's quilt

   As I was sewing the quilt blocks together: Jesus, I pray that you would hem them in before and behind. That your presence would be felt in their life and that you would protect them and care for them. Keep them on the straight path that leads to life.
Daisy's quilt
    As I was stitching the pieces of fabric together with yarn: God, I pray that your word would be the seams that hold them together throughout the tough times of their life so that they hold together strong for your glory. I pray that they would know your word, memorize your word, love your word, and DO your word. 
Julia's quilt
     As I pondered the idea that this blanket was a covering: Father, I pray that your blood would cover their sins and that they would know of your great salvation. I also pray that they would be covered spiritually by always being part of a bible-believing church. Give them godly friends, husbands, pastors, and a network of caring believers to anchor them to your purposes for their lives.
Happy children = Project Completed!
     It is one of my New Year's goals to repeat these prayers over my children as I lay them down to sleep each night. These quilts have been a great project for giving them a practical, personalized item as well as a daily prayer motivator for me. My next project is to make summer quilts with and for my older girls. This should be a prayerful, mother/daughter bonding project as well. I'm looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted!

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