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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No-Sew Curtains

     We put new shelving in one of our bathrooms and saved money by not building cabinets with doors. However, I really wanted some coverage for all of our bathroom stuff. After a couple of months I finally had the mental clarity and motivation to construct some curtains.

     When I set out to sew these curtains, I realized that I hadn't touched my sewing machine in about 3 years. I had given up sewing because my sewing room had become Julia's nursery. I also realized that I was a lousy seamstress. Enthusiasm for making cute little girls' dresses does not make for straight seams! I didn't want to bother with tangled threads and bobbin problems. So, I used "heat 'n bond" sewing tape, instead. This was rather challenging, though, as the material I used was thick and I had to apply several layers of tape to get my seams to stick.

     Because the bathroom is so small,  I couldn't get an optimal angle for a better picture. They are not perfect, but they'll do the job and add some tropical color to my beach-themed bathroom.

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