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Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Sew?"

     Chloe, my 7 year-old burst of energy , posed this question to me awhile back. Truth is, although I love to sew and have sewn quite a few clothes and curtains and things in the past, I've never been properly taught correct sewing technique. Once I took a few classes and was dismayed at all I didn't know and had never been taught. So, I cringed when she asked me that. However, I remembered seeing a simple sewing project in a gardening book. This project involved sewing together 100% cotton material to store vegetables in. The cotton absorbs excess moisture from the vegetables that can cause premature molding, but also allows the vegetables to "breathe" so to speak. So, I designed a simple project for Chloe to do. I also agreed to pay her which delighted her. She's always eager to make money and I'm sure she'll be my richest daughter! I just need to teach her how to save her money.
     Anyway, I started with some 100% cotton dish towels that I bought at CVS pharmacy for 1$ with three in a pack.

     I pinned the towels together and then marked dots with a red permanent marker as holes for Chloe to sew through on both sides.

     I sat with her and showed her how to do several stitches and then helped her do them herself.

     When she was done she had done a commendable job and was proud of herself.

     Although this particular bag is rather small for the zucchini I placed in it, I have plans for Chloe to sew larger bags for larger vegetables. This bag might be well suited for herbs or small peppers. You get the idea.

     I was very pleased to help Chloe earn some money, $1 or $2, while also working on her eye- hand motor coordination and fine motor skills. I love killing multiple birds with one stone!

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  1. Great tip! I wrap my veggies in paper towels, but I like your idea even better. What a fun mom you are!