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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Sweet Baby Bells

     Being a new gardener, I've been enticed by the lure of growing all these fabulous looking vegetables and flowers from seed packages. In reality, I haven't had much success with growing too many things from seed. Except my baby bell peppers. These adorable and sweet baby bell tri-colored peppers grew exactly what the package pictured, except for the orange ones. Who knows why.

      I coddled these little seedlings from their embryonic stages. I carefully tented the seedlings with toothpicks and plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect. I waited till they were tall enough and strong enough to be transplanted outside. I also made sure I fertilized them well because I read that they liked that. After about three months, I had the joy of carefully plucking these from their plant and then cutting them up for salads or letting the girls eat them raw. I sautéed them as well for a pasta dish I made a couple of times.
One of my baby bell plants in my garden

Fresh picked!

    I'm going to leave the plants in the ground and see how they fare through the winter. Perhaps they'll produce for me next year, too. That would be delightful!

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