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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Yummies From My Garden

     Summer vegetables! Yes, my sweet and faithful baby bells and green bell peppers keep producing. They are still tasty (especially on pizza) and oh-so-colorful. I also picked these bright yellow cherry tomatoes I planted from seed toward the end of the summer. They were fabulous in a salad I ate today.
Yes, that is sour grass in the left corner. My girls pick it from our yard and delightfully munch on it!
My golden and red beets - fresh picked from the garden
      As for my winter vegetables I finally picked my rainbow swiss chard. It was beautiful. I also picked my tiny red and golden beets.I peeled and sliced my little beets, steamed them and then added them to the green tops from those beets and my swiss chard using this delicious recipe.Beet Greens Recipe | Simply Recipes I then made a cheese bread I adapted from my cinnamon roll recipe. I used a little less sugar in the dough and Leanne helped me rolled the dough with mozzarella and cheddar cheese and a little garlic salt thrown in. Since this is my first year attempting growing my own winter vegetables, these foods were new to my girls. It was a delicious meal and the girls ate our new foods without too much coaxing or, "Eww-gross!!!" faces. Tim raved about it. I've always said that man has good taste.
Leanne - my enthusiastic helper
This cruddy picture doesn't quite capture what a beautiful meal it was
         Last week I was delighted to finally pick this beautiful white head of cauliflower. It was tender and sweet! I added it to a homemade cheese sauce and some broccoli from Trader Joe's. Super tasty. I also cooked mashed butternut squash from my summer pickings (it stores very well in my cupboard) and mixed in some Parmesan cheese, butter, salt and pepper. I crunched up french-fried onions on top and heated it for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. It was quite popular with my dinner crowd, which included my niece and nephew that night. I served these veggie dishes with boneless pork chops baked with a spicy seasoning. A beautiful, healthy and mostly homegrown meal. So fun!

broccoli and caulifolower in a homemade cheese sauce - delicious!
     I'm going to try my hand at growing potatoes, onions, and garlic.(Beef stew anyone?) I've also set my sights on growing raspberries as well as expanding my strawberry planters that produce year round. I will most definitely keep you posted!


  1. I'm impressed! Someday I hope to plant things and not kill them. HA HA. Its these caring for little babies every time I have a baby some more of my plants die. I have decided there is no sense in buying anything new until I am done having kids. HA HA.

  2. Just keep your kids alive! Growing your own veggies will come later. I am actually amazed at all you do, Bethany. You inspire me.