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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cupboard Craziness Sorted Out

     It was a long overdue project. Thanks to my Thanksgiving cleaning and organization of the visible places in my home,  I was "freed up" to tackle my "hot spots." That would be my medicine cabinet, my spice cabinet, my dish and glass cabinet, and my recipe/cook book "cabinets," drawers, etc. All in my kitchen - the place I spend almost as much time in daily as my bed sleeping at night! Because I'm trying to stick to a tight budget, really enjoy baking and cooking, and enjoy eating homemade food, I make a lot of my food from scratch. (See previous posts).
     I didn't take a picture of my medicine cabinet before I wrestled with it, but here is the final picture. It was very disorderly before, with too many bottles all over the kitchen counter. Now, everything is labeled, entirely in the cabinet, and much more accessible.

     The next cupboard was my spice cabinet. I actually moved it over to the cupboard to the left of my microwave. I also switched my glasses, plates and bowls next to my kitchen table and right across from the dishwasher. This seems to make more logistical sense to me.
a mess!

all emptied - yucky! Lots of elbow grease for this cabinet!
     Tim enjoys tea frequently. So, I strategically made the right side of this cupboard, which is close to our hot water dispenser and right above our silverware,  full of mugs, all of our tea, and a sugar bowl. Since Tim likes to use the tea kettle to heat his water up, that's up there within his reach. Voila! A "tea cupboard" for him.

     This is my spice cabinet in its new, wider cupboard. To the left of it I have odd-sized cups, empty jars for grease, some small appliances I use frequently on that counter below, some pitchers and school snacks I keep within easy reach when packing the girls' lunches also at that counter. My kitchen tasks now flow more easily with reorganized cupboards.
      As a side note, it might sound strange, but I prayed and asked God to give me wisdom as to where to put things. I believe he knows my habits and needs better than I do. He answered! He really does care about the little things which just so happen to take up a HUGE amount of my time. Thank you, Lord!
New storage location for most of my cook books
     Biggest task ahead: showing Tim and the girls, and patiently reminding them, where things should now be placed. Old habits die hard!

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  1. Yeah! It looks great! Doesn't it feel good, too? Now you know why I love to organize!