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Sunday, November 27, 2011

For All You Carb Lovers Out There...Stop By Sometime!

A great resource for bread machine owners
     Despite losing almost sixty pounds in the last year and being super busy with family and school, I have not forsaken my culinary first love: bread-making!I found this fabulous book at the library (it didn't take me long to order my own copy from Amazon) and, along with my marvelous bread machine, have been savoring every delicious bite of home-baked, nutritious bread. I've been experimenting and trying all sorts of recipes. I still grind my wheat berries in my bread grinder and mix the freshly ground whole wheat into my bread recipes. I am experimenting with how much gluten I need to give the bread adequate rise. I'm also endeavoring to add more whole wheat in gradually so that there is as much nutrition as I can pack in to each loaf of bread.
Super fantastic sourdough raisin bread-tangy and sweet!
     I've also started making sourdough starters as well. I have a delicious french buttermilk starter that I've made incredibly yummy loaves of bread with. My favorites are the sourdough pumpkin spice (pumpkin pack from my home grown pumpkins, no less), sourdough raisin, and just plain sourdough sandwich bread. That one is quite popular. I also really enjoy the spongy, tangy yogurt bread as well. Nothing short of superb! Tim especially favors the macademia nut oatmeal banana bread. It slices and toasts up fabulously as a breakfast bread. I add some peanut butter and a little honey and I am happily satisfied for hours. I have a friend who tried the whole wheat buttermilk bread and raved about it.
I highly recommend this for bridal registries-
start off right after all! It's a
Zojirushi bread maker that Sur La Table sells.
     My break maker is in use every day. That work horse is one of the best kitchen purchases I've ever made. I need to make on average 1 loaf every day or so for sandwich bread for lunches. Breakfast breads require an additional loaf every other day or so, unless I've bought cereal. Most of my younger girls prefer cereal to toast for breakfast, but I've tried to lessen our consumption of breakfast cereals. They are very quick and convenient, though. And, I figure, that leaves more yummy bread for me and Tim!
     There are so many more loaves of bread I will be trying. Perhaps some of these loaves will end up being Christmas gifts. It's fun experimenting!

A beautiful loaf completed, cooling, and ready to slice soon!

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