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Monday, June 20, 2011

Keeping My Word + Beautifying My Yard=Making Hubby Happy

     Shortly after we moved into our new home over 7 years ago, I decided to rip out all the unexciting ground cover on the side of our front yard. I told my husband, who had a small coronary over it, "Oh, don't worry - I'll replant and landscape. It'll look great!" In my defense, I did do some planting and "stuff," and then I got pregnant - twice in 4 years, had a child diagnosed with a severe speech disability requiring years of intensive therapy, and some traumatic events that really derailed my energy, ambition, and time. Throughout the years, it became a source of contention and in some unsettling moments, it would come up. And rather unpleasantly, I might add.
     Until this last week. I had this crazy idea to weed the entire front area, plant some incredible sweet potato plants my brother-in-law gave me (thanks a literal bushel, Jerald!) and some big pumpkins. I also planned to put weed cloth, bark chips, and transplant some plants from other areas in my yard to that front area. Many hours later, an achy back, minor cuts and scratches on my arm, and a terribly neglected and messy house later, it was done. Tim was beside himself giddy that the weeds were gone (finally!), the area was cleaned up, and that he and I could now put some lovely plants in that area to fill it out.
      It was my Father's Day gift to him. I didn't get him a card, make a special meal, get him a gift, or even work too hard to encourage the girls to do something special (they had made him cards and gifts on their own). In fact, I was too tired! It was a very pleasant Father's Day indeed, however. With all of Tim's hard work and devotion to our family, he had this project coming to him. (And I was relieved to finally "make good" on my promise and get him off my back! Yes, I fess up to some ulterior motives!)
View # 1: before...
View #1: after...
View # 2 - a real mess!
View # 3 - much better! You see the black weed cloth that hasn't been totally covered up with bark chips - yet

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